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Pineapple Express Hybrid


Combining highly potent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian, Pineapple Express is a hard-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid. Though the buds have a fresh apple and mango aroma, they taste like pineapple, pine, and cedar when smoked. The energetic buzz lasts longer than most highs, making Pineapple Express perfect for productivity, creativity, and motivation.

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Pineapple Express Hybrid Strain:  categorical could be a sativa hybrid cross of Train wreck and Hawaiian Sativa. Buy pineapple express weed online

It has around 17% tetrahydrocannabinol and shares its name with a preferred 2008 stoner flick. Pineapple-express has an abundance of trichomes.

The buds glisten on a green-purple landscape wherever long orange hairs prevail. The flavor is quite enjoyable; tropical, fruity and with a pineapple spice aftertaste. The resinous buds pack an energetic punch that will prepare you to take on the day. Buy pineapple express weed online


Typical Effect:

This strain will quickly elevate your mood with a strongly psychoactive cerebral buzz. It provides a social energy that can help reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Despite its mental stimulation, it can leave you locked to your couch for many hours, so be aware of the quantity consumed. In large quantities, this strain is a strong pain reliever, making it a great multi-functional strain. Best used during the day or early evening.


Pineapple Express Hybrid Strain

Appellation: Sonoma Valley
Strain History: Trainwreck X Hawaiian

Buy pineapple express weed online


More about Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain

Pineapple Express has thick and lumpy buds that show the hybrid genetics of the strain: they are packed tightly like indica flowers but have the long and tapered shape that is characteristic of many Sativa strain. The deep green leaves are sometimes colored with reds (the result of pigments activated by cold weather during the growth process) and are accented by deep orange to red stamps. This is a very resinous strain, and the sticky flowers may be very difficult to dissolve without a grinder; The remaining residue can be difficult to remove from the surface and fingertips. The prevalent smell of Pineapple Express flowers is not surprisingly pineapple – but there are other, less tropical scents like a touch of musk and some humid earth.

When inhaled, the soft smoke of this strain tastes earthy and a bit pine-like. When exhaling, users will notice a sweet sweetness that lingers in the mouth, although not unpleasantly.

Pineapple Express offers what can be described as a creeper of a smoker who has long enjoyed the unique taste of the smoke before he realizes the effects. They start in the head with a changed perception. Many have reported initial psychedelic distortions such as a sharp focus on colors and tones. Therefore, Pineapple Express can be a great strain for a scenic walk. This alarm high is soon accompanied by a tingling relaxation in the extremities that helps users to feel comfortable in any environment. The combination of cerebral focus and sophisticated relaxation make Pineapple Express a versatile strain suitable for chatty get-togethers or to-do lists. From a medical point of view, the sense of mental calmness of this strain can be very effective in treating mood disorders and anxiety disorders and help patients to be more complete and energetic.. And although this strain of treating physical pain is not as good as that of some more Indica-dominant hybrids, it’s head high can actually be useful in distraction users from the acute perception of chronic pain. The high of Pineapple Express is considered to be longer than usual and offers many consumers a more economically efficient high.

Pineapple Express can be cultivated from clone clippings, but due to its popularity, many companies have made packaged seeds available online. Depending on the phenotype, plants can be relatively short and bushy or slightly larger and spindly, allowing them to grow easily both indoors and outdoors. Successful outdoor cultivation requires a climate as close as possible to a tropical climate with consistently warm and semi-moist conditions. Pineapple Express plants can be harvested in the field between mid and late October and indoors within 7 to 8 weeks. This species has a moderate yield – farmers can expect about 37 grams (or 1.3 ounces) per square foot of plant. This is also particularly stinging stress in both the vegetative and the flowering stage. Therefore, discretionary breeders should use odor control measures such as ionized filters, carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

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